Sick notes

It’s the middle of July. JULY!!! Both the tiny human and I have ended up on anti biotics because of the sheer amount of infectious snots that have been passed around. I’ve decided to become the most unaffectionate person from now on, clearly hugging & kissing is actually bad for your health. She started to feel crap on Friday night, obviously because the doc was closed. She spent most of it coughing her lungs up. Same Sat & Sunday, so as you can imagine not much sleep was had and the smallest thing sends her into full meltdown mode. She then spread the love. I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a tank this morning. Delightful. By the time I got into work, no amount of tea was making me feel better. I gave in at lunch.

A trip to the doc later, for both of our sorry, snotty heads, and we’re like something out of a old folks home with our steroids/inhalers/anti biotics…. 

Sadly though, with the medicine does not come a fully fledged babysitting service, or a night nurse, of someone to wipe my brow, bring me hot chocolate and marshmallows. Oh no no, it just means that the recovery period takes that bit longer. We don’t get as much sympathy as those with the likes of man flu… Nope, we just have to sniff it up, blow it out and get on with it. Hopefully by Friday I will be able to actually breathe again, and may even have had a full nights sleep and the barking throughout the night will have stopped by then. (Tiny human, not the dog). 

For now however, I am going to take my sorry ass off to bed, to watch Home and Away (life little pleasures eh?!) to feel completely miserable. Maybe the summer might finally make an appearance soon… Just maybe. 

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