Kobe’s Double TPLO Journey – Day 3

Day 3: At home 

So Mr. Blue is far too clever for his own good and knows now not to eat the meat that I have covered in crushed pills. I have had to revert to opening his mouth forcefully and ramming (ok not really, more like throwing!) them as far down his tongue as I can get them. He literally gives me death stares after it. He’s looking completely awkward and uncomfortable but definitely more alert and awake than yesterday. 

I’m struggling to get him to eat or drink water, and have hand fed him most of the time since he got home (the tiny human now feels her being fed by me is completely justified because of this!) 

Speaking of the tiny one, she has been giving him lots of loves and attention, so I’m being extremely wary because no doubt he is extremely pissed off as it is without having an overly affectionate 5 year old in his face.  

I felt the bed we got him was in fact too soft and puffy so have gone back to his old bed that Lucy the Labrador likes to be inappropriate with. Hopefully she will leave it alone when Kobe is lying on it 🙄 

Have brought him out to pee twice today and he’s done a no. 1 both times. He then turns to run, yes run back inside so have to nip that in the bud! If he hasn’t 💩 within 48 hours I’m meant to contact the vet, so hopefully he will figure out a way, although no doubt he will be extremely uncomfortable considering he can’t bear much weight on either hind leg… should make for interesting manoevering! 

Have sourced a sling thing from a friend of a friend (the powers of Facebook!) so hopefully that will help me lift and support him! 

So there you go, day 2 is almost complete. Will be setting my alarm to get his anti biotic into him as it has to be taken 30 minutes before the other million I also have to give him. Contemplating taking some of his pain killers myself to get me through the next 8 weeks! 

I shall update you all again tomorrow… bet you already can’t wait 😜 

Huss x

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