Kobe’s Double TPLO journey – Day 4

Well I was back to work today and to be quite honest expected to come home to gaping wounds with bandages strewn across the kitchen… yep, always thinking the worst (you can hardly blame me at this stage!) 

Set the alarm clock for 6.30am to ensure anti biotic was rammed (gently) down throat 30 minutes before millions of other tablets. Brought him out to pee, which he did. He was a bit sleepier than the previous 2 days, but to be fair he’s never really being a morning dog… he defo gets that from me! Went for a shower and then administered (shoved) the rest of his daily pills into his mouth. His teeth really are sharp and shiny! 

Off to work and text momma Huss to see if I could get his old mega crate from storage. Arrived home to find the legendary Tomas had delivered it to the front door!! Put it up in the kitchen… popped his bed inside and hey presto! 

I swear he actually remembers it, and looking at the size of it I do wonder how it ever fit in our teeny tiny kitchen in 29 Linkfield road! It really does bring the memories flooding back in though… both the boys were very happy in this crate on many different occasions. 

He still hasn’t pooped so will need to call the vet tomorrow to find out what to do there… I wonder if I can give him some of the tiny humans Movicol… that would get things moving whether he liked it or not! πŸ’©

His appetite is still crap, but I guess as long as he’s kept hydrated, it’ll save him from putting on too much weight during this wonderful journey of his! His legs look so skinny where he’s been shaved, I’m contemplating doing a blade 1 all over once a year to him now πŸ˜‰ (I joke, I joke!!) 

I shall be back tomorrow with another enlighting update… all quite standard at the moment until the bandages come off and he begins to try his “self-healing-licking-the-shite-out-of-himself” method and the shameful cone is returned to its rightful place. 

Cannot wait for the death stares then. 

Huss x 

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