Kobe’s Double TPLO journey – Day 5

So I prematurely wrote last nights update… HE POO’D!! 💩 (I now know why the emoji has a smile on its face!)  Cannot tell you the relief I felt when I (weirdly) watched him so can only imagine how he felt! It was only a small one but nonetheless a poo. Have to say the endless brainwashing of repeating the word “toilet” to him as a puppy outside has really paid off, thanks Suzanne! 😉 So no need for any suppositories just yet… ramming medication into his mouth is already causing our relationship to be strained enough as it is, let alone one being rammed into the other end!! 

Watching him try to get comfortable is slightly soul destroying, but he seemed to be managing… well…. kinda… 

Bearing in mind the crate is XL…. like something you would keep canibal lector in, so watching him squish himself against the bars can be quite hilarious at times! They do say huskies like a small space of their own but he takes it to the next level! 

This morning was slightly mayhem, between the tiny human throwing the mother of all unreasonable strops because I didn’t let her open the crate door, and trying to get his tablets into him, I arrived into work looking like someone who had just survived a tornado. Going to embrace the look from now on I’ve decided. Unkept is the new beauty statement of 2017! 

I have 2 more days of administering the death stare, going to lose a hand pills, then back to the vet to get the bandages off. I’ve decided to not do a Doc McStuffins on it, and leave it to the experts. Probably best all the kings being equal. 

Tune in tomorrow for day 6 of this hellish torture… and I’m not just talking about my poor boy with his two banjaxed legs! 

Huss x 

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