Kobe’s double TPLO journey – Day 6

We’re into Day 6 now, and it has only taken that long for my dog to resemble a patient in a hospital who has become a master at hiding their pills. I found one in the corner of his crate earlier on, even though I push them back down his throat as far as I can get them, and sit and wait for a couple of minutes to make sure their swallowed. I have literally no idea how he managed to regurgitate it back up and hide it so I wouldn’t find it. Little shit. 

We had nice cuddles this morning, knowing that later on he was going to hate me once more because his bandages were coming off and the cone was going on. 

Lily is completely besotted with this fur ball. She sits in his crate to give him loves every day now. She always asks about how her Daddy knew him, and cuddled and kissed him. Must be weird for her knowing that Kobe got to meet him once, but she never did. 

So I drove him to the vet after work. We gingerly made our way in, tail between our legs. It was awful. The bandages were sticky so stuck to his poor shaved legs like superglue. The vet asked me to hold his head while he started to cut the bandages off. When he got to the sticky bit, Kobe was less than pleased. I had to hold him while he cried. It was so hard. This was never my job, it was always Daddy’s. I got home and was shaking after it all, I can only imagine how he felt 😒

The wounds look horrific but the stitches are a lot neater than the first time (he had the nylon stitch, which didn’t work, €1000 later, sure it’s grand, I’m minted). I know the picture is hard to look at but this is what a double TPLO looks like πŸ˜”

The cone of shame went back on, because after me giving him the benefit of the doubt and leaving it off, the liking-the-shit-out-of-it started imminently, so the filthy looks resumed. He may hate me right now but when he is bounding around on walks once more he will thank me for it… I know he will. 

It’s going to be an interesting night no doubt, he refuses to lie down properly with the cone of shame on πŸ™„ I will update you all again tomorrow on day 7, then weekly after that! 

Huss x 

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