Kobe’s Double TPLO journey – Day 7

Mr. Blue had his op a week ago now and already he thinks he’s better! We have just arrived down to Garrykennedy, and he’s made himself right at home, even attempting to escape already when the door was left open for 20 seconds! I know I have to be so careful that he doesn’t do damage to himself, and it’s going to be a long 7 weeks of solitary confinement! 

All tablets are now finished apart from the rest of his anti biotic and painkillers which, looking at his wounds he definitely will be needing! (Thank GOD!!!!) The bruising has gone right down which is incredibly relieving to see, and he seems to be more comfortable in general! 

I will update you every week from now to let you all know how he’s doing! Hopefully we’re over the worst part now, and from here on in it will just be attempting to keep him still and allow his skinny little legs to heal properly! 

The scar you can see here is from his initial Nylon stitch before Christmas… surprised to see it’s still quite raw looking, an operation I feel should never have been done on such a large breed of dog, but I guess you trust that your vet is doing what’s best for your pet, not for their bank balance. That one cost me €1000, and didn’t work. I should have done more investigation, but I guess we live and learn! 

Be back next week! 

Huss x

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