Kobe’s Double TPLO journey – day 14

Sooooo we’re 2 full weeks in now since Kobe has his Double TPLO. We had the most wonderful weekend in Garrykennedy, (he’s been banished so we had to sneak him in, but that’s a story for another day!) but the poor dude had the cone of shame on him for most of the time we were there because the “licking-the-shit-out-of-it” commenced within seconds of taking it off. When I did catch him licking, and shout “ah aaaah” in his direction, he would quickly lick his paw instead of his wound then look at me as if to say “whaaaaaat woman?!??” 

He’s now finished all tablets, so no more ramming them down his throat and hoping he doesn’t take my hand off. We’re back to being besties now, well, until he realises that putting him on his lead is in fact only so he wee’s or poo’s and not to go on a hike! 

I’m up in Belfast for the weekend in the Sis’s house, so have him in tow. He’s currently sitting by the window enjoying the view! 

His legs are so much better than they were a week ago, but this is the false sense of healing the vet warned me about. Even though they look better and he’s in better form, he isn’t allowed to walk properly on them for another 6 weeks. Yes, SIX weeks! He’s much livelier now, so just need to manage his hyperness as best as I can. 

He has an X-ray in 4 weeks time to see if the operation has worked. I don’t even know what I’ll do if it hasn’t this time…. so best not to think that far ahead until the time comes! This dog means the world to me and my heart 💙

I’ll update you all again next week, I figured the daily ones were becoming a bit old! 😂

Huss x