Kobe’s Double TPLO journey – day 14

Sooooo we’re 2 full weeks in now since Kobe has his Double TPLO. We had the most wonderful weekend in Garrykennedy, (he’s been banished so we had to sneak him in, but that’s a story for another day!) but the poor dude had the cone of shame on him for most of the time we were there because the “licking-the-shit-out-of-it” commenced within seconds of taking it off. When I did catch him licking, and shout “ah aaaah” in his direction, he would quickly lick his paw instead of his wound then look at me as if to say “whaaaaaat woman?!??” 

He’s now finished all tablets, so no more ramming them down his throat and hoping he doesn’t take my hand off. We’re back to being besties now, well, until he realises that putting him on his lead is in fact only so he wee’s or poo’s and not to go on a hike! 

I’m up in Belfast for the weekend in the Sis’s house, so have him in tow. He’s currently sitting by the window enjoying the view! 

His legs are so much better than they were a week ago, but this is the false sense of healing the vet warned me about. Even though they look better and he’s in better form, he isn’t allowed to walk properly on them for another 6 weeks. Yes, SIX weeks! He’s much livelier now, so just need to manage his hyperness as best as I can. 

He has an X-ray in 4 weeks time to see if the operation has worked. I don’t even know what I’ll do if it hasn’t this time…. so best not to think that far ahead until the time comes! This dog means the world to me and my heart 💙

I’ll update you all again next week, I figured the daily ones were becoming a bit old! 😂

Huss x 

Kobe’s Double TPLO journey – Day 7

Mr. Blue had his op a week ago now and already he thinks he’s better! We have just arrived down to Garrykennedy, and he’s made himself right at home, even attempting to escape already when the door was left open for 20 seconds! I know I have to be so careful that he doesn’t do damage to himself, and it’s going to be a long 7 weeks of solitary confinement! 

All tablets are now finished apart from the rest of his anti biotic and painkillers which, looking at his wounds he definitely will be needing! (Thank GOD!!!!) The bruising has gone right down which is incredibly relieving to see, and he seems to be more comfortable in general! 

I will update you every week from now to let you all know how he’s doing! Hopefully we’re over the worst part now, and from here on in it will just be attempting to keep him still and allow his skinny little legs to heal properly! 

The scar you can see here is from his initial Nylon stitch before Christmas… surprised to see it’s still quite raw looking, an operation I feel should never have been done on such a large breed of dog, but I guess you trust that your vet is doing what’s best for your pet, not for their bank balance. That one cost me €1000, and didn’t work. I should have done more investigation, but I guess we live and learn! 

Be back next week! 

Huss x

Kobe’s double TPLO journey – Day 6

We’re into Day 6 now, and it has only taken that long for my dog to resemble a patient in a hospital who has become a master at hiding their pills. I found one in the corner of his crate earlier on, even though I push them back down his throat as far as I can get them, and sit and wait for a couple of minutes to make sure their swallowed. I have literally no idea how he managed to regurgitate it back up and hide it so I wouldn’t find it. Little shit. 

We had nice cuddles this morning, knowing that later on he was going to hate me once more because his bandages were coming off and the cone was going on. 

Lily is completely besotted with this fur ball. She sits in his crate to give him loves every day now. She always asks about how her Daddy knew him, and cuddled and kissed him. Must be weird for her knowing that Kobe got to meet him once, but she never did. 

So I drove him to the vet after work. We gingerly made our way in, tail between our legs. It was awful. The bandages were sticky so stuck to his poor shaved legs like superglue. The vet asked me to hold his head while he started to cut the bandages off. When he got to the sticky bit, Kobe was less than pleased. I had to hold him while he cried. It was so hard. This was never my job, it was always Daddy’s. I got home and was shaking after it all, I can only imagine how he felt 😢

The wounds look horrific but the stitches are a lot neater than the first time (he had the nylon stitch, which didn’t work, €1000 later, sure it’s grand, I’m minted). I know the picture is hard to look at but this is what a double TPLO looks like 😔

The cone of shame went back on, because after me giving him the benefit of the doubt and leaving it off, the liking-the-shit-out-of-it started imminently, so the filthy looks resumed. He may hate me right now but when he is bounding around on walks once more he will thank me for it… I know he will. 

It’s going to be an interesting night no doubt, he refuses to lie down properly with the cone of shame on 🙄 I will update you all again tomorrow on day 7, then weekly after that! 

Huss x 

Kobe’s Double TPLO journey – Day 5

So I prematurely wrote last nights update… HE POO’D!! 💩 (I now know why the emoji has a smile on its face!)  Cannot tell you the relief I felt when I (weirdly) watched him so can only imagine how he felt! It was only a small one but nonetheless a poo. Have to say the endless brainwashing of repeating the word “toilet” to him as a puppy outside has really paid off, thanks Suzanne! 😉 So no need for any suppositories just yet… ramming medication into his mouth is already causing our relationship to be strained enough as it is, let alone one being rammed into the other end!! 

Watching him try to get comfortable is slightly soul destroying, but he seemed to be managing… well…. kinda… 

Bearing in mind the crate is XL…. like something you would keep canibal lector in, so watching him squish himself against the bars can be quite hilarious at times! They do say huskies like a small space of their own but he takes it to the next level! 

This morning was slightly mayhem, between the tiny human throwing the mother of all unreasonable strops because I didn’t let her open the crate door, and trying to get his tablets into him, I arrived into work looking like someone who had just survived a tornado. Going to embrace the look from now on I’ve decided. Unkept is the new beauty statement of 2017! 

I have 2 more days of administering the death stare, going to lose a hand pills, then back to the vet to get the bandages off. I’ve decided to not do a Doc McStuffins on it, and leave it to the experts. Probably best all the kings being equal. 

Tune in tomorrow for day 6 of this hellish torture… and I’m not just talking about my poor boy with his two banjaxed legs! 

Huss x 

Kobe’s Double TPLO journey – Day 4

Well I was back to work today and to be quite honest expected to come home to gaping wounds with bandages strewn across the kitchen… yep, always thinking the worst (you can hardly blame me at this stage!) 

Set the alarm clock for 6.30am to ensure anti biotic was rammed (gently) down throat 30 minutes before millions of other tablets. Brought him out to pee, which he did. He was a bit sleepier than the previous 2 days, but to be fair he’s never really being a morning dog… he defo gets that from me! Went for a shower and then administered (shoved) the rest of his daily pills into his mouth. His teeth really are sharp and shiny! 

Off to work and text momma Huss to see if I could get his old mega crate from storage. Arrived home to find the legendary Tomas had delivered it to the front door!! Put it up in the kitchen… popped his bed inside and hey presto! 

I swear he actually remembers it, and looking at the size of it I do wonder how it ever fit in our teeny tiny kitchen in 29 Linkfield road! It really does bring the memories flooding back in though… both the boys were very happy in this crate on many different occasions. 

He still hasn’t pooped so will need to call the vet tomorrow to find out what to do there… I wonder if I can give him some of the tiny humans Movicol… that would get things moving whether he liked it or not! 💩

His appetite is still crap, but I guess as long as he’s kept hydrated, it’ll save him from putting on too much weight during this wonderful journey of his! His legs look so skinny where he’s been shaved, I’m contemplating doing a blade 1 all over once a year to him now 😉 (I joke, I joke!!) 

I shall be back tomorrow with another enlighting update… all quite standard at the moment until the bandages come off and he begins to try his “self-healing-licking-the-shite-out-of-himself” method and the shameful cone is returned to its rightful place. 

Cannot wait for the death stares then. 

Huss x 

Kobe’s Double TPLO Journey – Day 3

Day 3: At home 

So Mr. Blue is far too clever for his own good and knows now not to eat the meat that I have covered in crushed pills. I have had to revert to opening his mouth forcefully and ramming (ok not really, more like throwing!) them as far down his tongue as I can get them. He literally gives me death stares after it. He’s looking completely awkward and uncomfortable but definitely more alert and awake than yesterday. 

I’m struggling to get him to eat or drink water, and have hand fed him most of the time since he got home (the tiny human now feels her being fed by me is completely justified because of this!) 

Speaking of the tiny one, she has been giving him lots of loves and attention, so I’m being extremely wary because no doubt he is extremely pissed off as it is without having an overly affectionate 5 year old in his face.  

I felt the bed we got him was in fact too soft and puffy so have gone back to his old bed that Lucy the Labrador likes to be inappropriate with. Hopefully she will leave it alone when Kobe is lying on it 🙄 

Have brought him out to pee twice today and he’s done a no. 1 both times. He then turns to run, yes run back inside so have to nip that in the bud! If he hasn’t 💩 within 48 hours I’m meant to contact the vet, so hopefully he will figure out a way, although no doubt he will be extremely uncomfortable considering he can’t bear much weight on either hind leg… should make for interesting manoevering! 

Have sourced a sling thing from a friend of a friend (the powers of Facebook!) so hopefully that will help me lift and support him! 

So there you go, day 2 is almost complete. Will be setting my alarm to get his anti biotic into him as it has to be taken 30 minutes before the other million I also have to give him. Contemplating taking some of his pain killers myself to get me through the next 8 weeks! 

I shall update you all again tomorrow… bet you already can’t wait 😜 

Huss x

Kobe’s Double TPLO journey

So as most of you know, Mr. Kobe Blue tore his cruciate in his right hind leg before Christmas. For those of you who don’t know, Kobe Blue Hingston was our first baby. Geoff decided the best thing to do to get me over my home sickness when we moved to London in July 2009, was to get a puppy. Kobe was born on the 13th of July 2009, the same day we found our house, no. 29 Linkfield Road. It was just meant to be. 6 weeks later we took him home. He soon became our baby, and between day care with the wonderful Suzanne Evans, and swimming lessons to get him over his fear of water, he really was fast becoming like a real child! This might sound ridiculous, but I got a real insight as to what Geoff would have been like as a father to a human! 

Fast forward 2 years in 2011. Matt collected him from London and brought him back to Dublin, where he would begin his new life. 

Fast forward another nearly 4 years and life has been very different. Lily Ref arrived in Dec 2011 so as you can imagine she took up most of my time. His walks became fewer and fewer (my best friends wonderful wee bro had been walking him every single day while I was pregnant until he passed a short time later, he looked after him so much!) but yet he just adjusted. He has been my most loyal companion ever since. 
So you can imagine my guilt when he tore his criciate. I brought him to the vet, where he confirmed his fate and he had an op to stitch the torn leg. I did as much as I could with his recovery but he then started to limp on his “good” leg. The first visit and op cost me €1000…. and it takes weeks for the insurance to recoup the 65% you get back (because he’s over 7!). I revisited the vet in April thinking I’d let the bad leg heal before getting the 2nd done, to find out that hadn’t worked and the other was gone too, cue even more guilt. He referred us to a specialist in Baldoyle. 

He had the operation done on both legs on Friday, April the 21th 2017. This is the start of a very long, heartbreaking process 😦 

He is currently like a broken man. 

Day 1: operation & overnight stay in the Vets (I know he hates me for that!) 

Day 2: collection from vet and €3500 bill paid… (and no, they didn’t even throw in a €65 sling thing for free, I’ll make my own thanks!) home to cosy new bed, first antibiotic taken… the rest very hard to get into him. Taken to toilet with me supporting his rear end as best I could. Whimpering when I lay him back down. (Heart currently breaking). Now sitting in the dark with him for a few minutes to make sure he settles and contemplating putting the shameful plastic collar on overnight! (He’ll hate me for that even more!) also contemplating putting the baby monitor on! 

I will keep you posted on our recovery journey together. I just hope I can do it right this time, for his sake, because I honestly feel like I have failed him so much in everything else already 😦