Kobe’s Double TPLO journey

So as most of you know, Mr. Kobe Blue tore his cruciate in his right hind leg before Christmas. For those of you who don’t know, Kobe Blue Hingston was our first baby. Geoff decided the best thing to do to get me over my home sickness when we moved to London in July 2009, was to get a puppy. Kobe was born on the 13th of July 2009, the same day we found our house, no. 29 Linkfield Road. It was just meant to be. 6 weeks later we took him home. He soon became our baby, and between day care with the wonderful Suzanne Evans, and swimming lessons to get him over his fear of water, he really was fast becoming like a real child! This might sound ridiculous, but I got a real insight as to what Geoff would have been like as a father to a human! 

Fast forward 2 years in 2011. Matt collected him from London and brought him back to Dublin, where he would begin his new life. 

Fast forward another nearly 4 years and life has been very different. Lily Ref arrived in Dec 2011 so as you can imagine she took up most of my time. His walks became fewer and fewer (my best friends wonderful wee bro had been walking him every single day while I was pregnant until he passed a short time later, he looked after him so much!) but yet he just adjusted. He has been my most loyal companion ever since. 
So you can imagine my guilt when he tore his criciate. I brought him to the vet, where he confirmed his fate and he had an op to stitch the torn leg. I did as much as I could with his recovery but he then started to limp on his “good” leg. The first visit and op cost me €1000…. and it takes weeks for the insurance to recoup the 65% you get back (because he’s over 7!). I revisited the vet in April thinking I’d let the bad leg heal before getting the 2nd done, to find out that hadn’t worked and the other was gone too, cue even more guilt. He referred us to a specialist in Baldoyle. 

He had the operation done on both legs on Friday, April the 21th 2017. This is the start of a very long, heartbreaking process 😦 

He is currently like a broken man. 

Day 1: operation & overnight stay in the Vets (I know he hates me for that!) 

Day 2: collection from vet and €3500 bill paid… (and no, they didn’t even throw in a €65 sling thing for free, I’ll make my own thanks!) home to cosy new bed, first antibiotic taken… the rest very hard to get into him. Taken to toilet with me supporting his rear end as best I could. Whimpering when I lay him back down. (Heart currently breaking). Now sitting in the dark with him for a few minutes to make sure he settles and contemplating putting the shameful plastic collar on overnight! (He’ll hate me for that even more!) also contemplating putting the baby monitor on! 

I will keep you posted on our recovery journey together. I just hope I can do it right this time, for his sake, because I honestly feel like I have failed him so much in everything else already 😦